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I'm Gareth Gaudin and I have a cartooning school, a comic book shop, and a whole line of comic books.

I've been teaching art classes in Victoria for almost twenty years. Whether through the YM/YWCA, The Art Gallery Of Greater Victoria, Story Studio, The Robert Bateman Centre, The Royal British Columbia Museum (where I spent a two year stint as Artist In Residence recently), or here at my own Legends Comics & Books Back Room Studio, I've more often than not focused on sequential art, cartooning, zine-making and comic book publishing.

I have a BFA in Visual Arts from The University of Victoria and I've been a guest artist and speaker at a dozen schools in Victoria, including Camosun, UVic, Lansdowne, Spectrum, Sir James Douglas, Central Middle School, and Glenlyon Norfolk.  I've published more than 200 comic books and graphic novels and worked the desk at the comic store for 25 years. I hope that this list demonstrates my unwavering commitment to the medium.

This page has been created to allow potential students and/or their parents to enroll in my classes with ease. I currently only have one comic book workshop per week (other times, I've had up to five running at once). The adult one (awaiting the next schedule) runs for two hours per week for five weeks, while the youth classes run on Saturdays for one and a half hours per week for six weeks. More information on specific courses can be found on the "Register" page. Please email me at or call me at 250-516-7329 if you have any questions. Thanks for looking!